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title description
#bungame the bun game in the #bungame channel
A User Guide to Self Accountability A User Guide to help with Self Accountability
A brief history of #chaos The background and lore behind the #chaos channel
Ham Radio Operators list of ham radio operators in the tildeverse!
HostServ intro to vHosts
badger bot Twitch Plays Pokémon badge system
botamusique - Mumble bot A bot to play music in Mumble.
channel modes channel management
getting started with weechat on a tilde machine run weechat as a local irc client
intro to irc ok so now what do you do?
irc bots on tilde.chat information about irc bots on tilde.chat
irc etiquette guidelines some guidelines for chatiquette
nicks and accounts intro to nicks
tilde.chat server list list of servers in the network