hey hi

tilde.chat is an irc network for tildes: social unix servers built as an intentional community for teaching, learning, and sharing.

tilde.chat is meant to be a space for all tilde members to hang out, share, teach, and learn.

feel free to contact a tilde.team admin (ben, khuxkm, cmccabe, virtual) for more info as we flesh out this site

connection info

you can connect to tilde.chat on port 6697 with ssl

or localhost 6667 from a shell on any of the member tildes :) (port 7766 on ~town)

mumble server

connect to tilde.chat on the default port and talk!

might not be anyone there. shout about it on irc first!

member tildes

channel info

stats here
#meta          - main lobby channel
#projects      - project ideas and discussions
#shitposting   - somewhere to put your bad memes
#chaos         - everyone's opped and anything goes
#town          - private channel for tilde.town
#fun           - private channel for tilde.fun

private channels are accessible only when connecting from the corresponding ircd node: eg. #team will only be accessible when you're connected to the tilde.team node, where #town and #your will disallow joining.


chatting/using tilde.chat irc servers implies agreement with the code of conduct. the tilde.town code of conduct applies as well.

incidents will be handled according to the CoC as well as by admins of your home tilde