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server list

you can use irc.tilde.chat as a dns round robin between available servers. otherwise, feel free to connect directly to any of the nodes.

there are also three geo-round-robins available:

try those for a more local connection. use port 6697 with ssl.

if you have an account on any of the shells, you can connect to localhost 6667 from there. external connections use 6697 with ssl.

once you're connected, try /map to see the servers listed fully.

server location hoster notes
aussie.tilde.chat australia aussies.space
club.tilde.chat canada tilde.club
cosmic.tilde.chat london cosmic.voyage
ctrl-c.tilde.chat new york ctrl-c.club
hub.tilde.chat canada ben services, webchat, and website live here
institute.tilde.chat germany tilde.institute
team.tilde.chat canada tilde.team
thunix.tilde.chat germany thunix
town.tilde.chat toronto tilde.town only accessible from localhost on port 7766; no external connections