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channel modes

tilde.chat uses anope irc services to provide accounts and channel management features.

anope provides the following pseudo-users to manage the network:

you can likely guess what each one does by the name.

for more info about each part of services, you can ask it for help with the following commands:

/msg nickserv help

pass the name of the subcommand after help for further information.

registering channels

you can register a channel with ChanServ:

/msg chanserv register #mychannel

you can only register if you already have +o (chanops). this is automatically granted when you are the first person to join a channel.

note that you need to be identified to NickServ for this to work. the channel will be registered to your account, and you will automatically be granted +q and +o.

setting persistent modes in your own channels with chanserv

now that you've registered your channel, you can set up access for people as you see fit.

the easiest way to manage access lists is with the following commands:

/msg chanserv aop #mychannel add <someone>
/msg chanserv hop #mychannel add <someone>
/msg chanserv vop #mychannel add <someone>
/msg chanserv qop #mychannel add <someone>

these are used to configure a list of modes that will be set and maintained automatically by ChanServ.

in this case, aop stands for automatic op and corresponds to +o for that user in your channel. hop corresponds to +h, vop to +v, qop to +q.

you can also del, list, or clear your modelists. see the help for more info: /msg chanserv help aop