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irc bots on tilde.chat

you might have seen some bots lurking about in chat. this page is intended to be a common place for documentation.

bots should be well-behaved and efficient with system resources. if you see a bot that is not, please remind the botmaster about this and/or notify an admin. naughty bots can make the system less enjoyable for everyone, and we all have to work together to police them.

rules and etiquette for tilde.chat irc bots

please set usermode +B on your bot on connect to identify it as a bot. this is also documented in rfc-2.

your bot must respond to !botlist with the following information:

be conservative about automatically re-connecting to the server or channel.

if your bot's code is not yet stable, keep it in the #bots channel and do testing there.

don't join #chaos or unless you want your bot to be spammed to hell and back.

all bots should also adhere to the following RFC specification: RFC 2: Standardising IRC Bot Behavior.

tilde.team bot starter kit

khuxkm is hard at work developing a starter kit framework in python that you can use to build your own irc bot. find the source here. it's installed globally on ~team, so get coding!

add your bot to the list below

follow the example of sedbot when you add your bot in a PR to the wiki