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tilde.chat server list

you can use irc.tilde.chat to get a random server.

there are also four geo-round-robins available:

otherwise, feel free to connect directly to any of the nodes for a more local connection. all external connections are on port 6697 with ssl/tls.

if you have an account on any of the tildes listed here, you can connect with plaintext to localhost port 6667 from there.

once you're connected, try /map to see the servers listed fully.

server location hoster notes
aussie.tilde.chat australia aussies.space
bsd.tilde.chat germany bsd.tilde.team
cosmic.tilde.chat london cosmic.voyage
ctrl-c.tilde.chat new york ctrl-c.club
institute.tilde.chat germany tilde.institute not available on localhost currently
newhub.tilde.chat virginia ben services, website, and mumble live here
team.tilde.chat quebec tilde.team
texto-plano.tilde.chat chile texto-plano.xyz
town.tilde.chat toronto tilde.town only accessible from localhost on port 7766; no external connections