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A brief history of #chaos

Our journey begins a few short days after aewens entered the IRC realm of ~team. There was simply far too much order to this growing community and something had to be done about this. It was then that aewens wrought #chaos upon the world.

As with all worlds, it became with only it's sole inhabitor and very little chaos can be done with only an individual. To rectify this, the gates to the kingdom of #chaos were opened forth to the world (or at the very least, the forum of #meta) and from which two new entities joined the kingom, ben and jan6. As being a new denizen to the IRC realms, aewens began with a slow start laying down the ground works for the kingdom as he figured out the nuances of how this world worked. It was suggested by ben to grant all users with the ability to harness the same power as the king of the kingdom to allow for the maximum amount of chaos to perpetuate throughout the kingdom, and so it was established. However, construction came to an abrupt halt when jan6 took the opportunity to usurp the kingdom as their own to become the new vengeful dictator.

Distraught to see his kingdom so quickly lost, aewens set out to reclaim his crown. It began with diplomatic negotiations, but jan6 would not relinquish the kingdom back to its rightful heir. And so without any peaceful means to obtain what was rightfully his, aewens began to plot how retake the throne. The beginnings of the plan was simple, pleading through propoganda to the deities of the realm and creating something valuable enough to warrant a trade for the crown. Without anything of value to exchange for the crown initially, aewens began working on what would be an instrumental piece to this story: the bot of Babili.

The concept of using the bot was to provide value to the community, but to banish jan6 from utilizing its resources until the kingdom is returned to its rightful heir to the throne. During this time, jan6 transitioned from being a vengeful dictator to a false prophet of chaos by attempting to instill rules and order upon the kingdom of chaos. Horrified to see what has become of the once pure chaos of his creation, aewens continued to plead to the deities to hear his prayers and right the wrongs being made. And so the IRC deity, khuxkm, entered the realm to see what was running amok only to continually be cast out by the false prophet. While awaiting the deities to lay down judgement, aewens was hard at work to provide more functionality and uses to the bot to both appease the deities and to apply further restrictions to jan6.

However, aewens did not need to wait for jan6's resolve to break to return as the king of #chaos. A fortnight had passed since the initial betrayal and his prayers were heard, khuxkm both enraged by being cast out of the kingdom and from the sin of bringing order into the realm of chaos he dethroned the false prophet, jan6, and set aewens back upon the throne. Outraged by the meddling of the gods in the affairs of mere mortals, jan6 cursed the deities for their acts of foul play but heard nothing but the chortles of joy as the kingdom's one and true heir had returned. It was a time for celebration as chaos was restored and there was a brief period of what passes for peace throughout the realm.

While peace was returned to the kingdom of #chaos, it was not to stay. As the days went by, jan6 continued to curse the deities and demand for the actions to be undone. While his demands fell upon deaf ears as he lost favor from the deities, aewens listened with consideration and was struck with inspiration. While once his enemy, aewens was willing to set aside his rivalry in the name of chaos, and so he brought forth a proposal to the deities. To adhere to the maximum amount of chaos in the kingdom of #chaos, there would be a random event where the crown becomes a free-for-all to whoever could retrieve it first. The deities enjoyed this proposal and so it became law that at the whim of the deities they can initiate the race for the crown.

Once this law came to pass, the crown passed hands back and forth between jan6 and aewens for control over #chaos. But much like many wars, one side will change the game by introducing a new element that shifts the balance of the scales. The shift in power being when aewens trained the bot of Babili to wait until it hears the declaration that the race for the crown has begun and to snatch up the crown to bestow to its maker. However, much like when aewens was previously crowned by another, jan6 cried out in frustration to this and declared it must be the workings of the deities rather than to accept the bot as the source of crown's bestowal. While funny at first, aewens took pride in his creation and set forth to make the workings of the bot made public for all to see, so that when the next race to the crown begins, jan6 and all else who wishes to take the crown from its rightful heir will know exactly who they are messing with.

Long live the king!